How LINC was developed and where we are in the LINC lifecycle right now! 


March 2020
When news and cases of the COVID-19 virus started to hit North America, Troy Crosby, who had been producing hi-tech custom parts for the aerospace, aviation, military, and medical industries his whole career, wanted to find a way to help. Crosby leveraged his knowledge of industrial design and started building prototypes for a tool that would reduce shared surface contact to help minimize community spread and general virus transmission.


April 2020
Crosby saw other tools on the market that helped push buttons, pull levers, and activate touchscreens - but there was nothing that helped open doors with round doorknobs. Round doorknobs are incredibly common and known for spreading germs, so Crosby focused on solving that challenge first. By April, Crosby had a working prototype that did everything the other tools on the market did PLUS elegantly solved the round doorknob challenge.


May 2020
To ensure the product was as effective as possible at fighting COVID-19, Crosby wanted the materials LINC was made out of to be part of the solution. After some research, Crosby decided to build LINC with anodized aluminum, choosing to also add an extra micropolymer layer for additional protection. Finally, the grippy rubber to help turn doorknobs would be made with Latex-free EPDM (ethylene propylene diene monomer) The final product was ready.


June 2020
Now that Crosby had a product, he needed to get it to market so people could start using it! He'd seen similar products launch successfully on Kickstarter, so he pulled together a team to help build out the marketing and make a Kickstarter launch a reality!

Our Kickstarter Campaign has closed successfully, having raised over $40,000! We've moved over to Indiegogo InDemand, where you can get a LINC of your own.
Grab your LINC on Indiegogo!


September 2020
LINC is now shipping to our Kickstarter backers! We want to get LINC into the hands of as many people as possible before heading back to the office, school, and into the world with COVID-19 still a risk.

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