Frequently Asked Questions

What is LINC made out of?
All LINC products are designed with highly durable materials, including anodized aluminum, plastic and copper. The copper-plated LINC has natural antimicrobial properties. The aluminum LINC contains a non-toxic clear coating with an antimicrobial preservative to make the finish resistant to deterioration from microbial growth, including mould and mildew. The plastic LINC features a built-in Ultra-Fresh antimicrobial additive that helps minimize microbial growth.

All LINCs include latex-free grippy rubber inserts. The rubber on both the aluminum and copper-plated tools is made from latex-free ethylene propylene diene monomer (EPDM). This rubber compound is extremely durable and is commonly used in the roofing industry. It is formulated to include Thiazole and Dithiocarbamate, which have antimicrobial properties. The plastic LINC’s rubber insert is a thermoplastic elastomer that is formulated with an antimicrobial additive.

Where is LINC made?
LINC is made in Canada. Design, prototype development and manufacturing of early LINC devices took place at Excel Precision Machining in Ottawa, Ontario. We sourced and secured an anodizing partner in Ontario before we began large-scale production in mid-September 2020. We also have another Canadian partner responsible for creating the latex-free rubber rim.

What’s the difference between LINC and the other no-touch tools out there?
Many factors differentiate LINC from other no-touch tools. In addition to its antimicrobial benefits, LINC’s patented design makes it the only tool in the market that can open round doorknobs. The multi-tool also features a latex-free rubber insert that makes it easy to grip surfaces without leaving scratches.

Can I still pick up germs or get sick while using LINC?
LINC is not a substitute for washing your hands regularly with soap and water, wearing a mask and practicing physical distancing. We neither claim nor guarantee that by owning or using LINC you will never pick up germs or get sick.

Does LINC open all types of doors?
Almost! LINC opens most doors—including doors with round knobs, push and pull doors, lever handles, push panels and deadbolts. LINC is the only device in the market designed to twist doorknobs—as long as they do not require more than one action at once.

Does LINC work on touchscreens?
Yes. LINC includes a built-in stylus that has a surface area large enough to work on most touchscreens, including tablets, phones, payment machines and office devices. You’re able to scroll, press and type with LINC, because the aluminum pulls a conductive charge through the hand of the user. You need to hold LINC a certain way to use it on touch screens, so make sure to check out our Learn page for video and step-by-step instructions.

How much weight can I carry with LINC?
When used as a hook, the aluminum and copper-plated LINC can carry up to 100 pounds or 45 kilograms. The plastic LINC can carry up to 20 pounds.

How should I carry LINC?
Even though LINC fits easily in any pocket, we recommend you carry your LINC on the retractable lanyard that’s included with your purchase. If you don't want to use a lanyard, we suggest you carry it on your belt loop, keychain, or in a separate pocket in your backpack or purse for maximum effectiveness.

Can I use LINC more than once?
Yes! LINC is meant to last. We recommend washing your LINC with mild soap and water (dish soap is recommended) every day to keep it clean and help make it last.

Should I share my LINC?
As a personal protective equipment (PPE), you should not share your LINC. We highly recommend that you buy a LINC for the people you care about to help them reduce germ transfer whenever they can. You can even order custom LINCs in bulk! If you do decide to share your LINC, make sure to wash it thoroughly before handing it off.

Does LINC replace other PPE?
No. LINC is a tool that is intended to be used alongside other PPE such as masks, gloves and hand sanitizers. Use LINC as part of your daily PPE regimen to give yourself extra protection from harmful microbes when you’re in shared spaces or high traffic areas.

Can I bring LINC on a plane?
Plastic LINCs can be brought on a plane. Some airports may not permit you to carry the aluminum or copper-plated LINCs past the security checkpoint since they are made out of metal. Check with your airline or travel agent to confirm any restrictions. You can also send a picture or question to the Canadian Air Transport Security Authority on Facebook or Twitter between 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. EST from Monday to Friday. Note that the final decision on whether or not an item is allowed through security will be made at the discretion of on-site screening officers.

Does using LINC involve any maintenance?
Yes. We recommend you wash your LINC once a day (if used) with mild soap and water. Regular cleaning enables the antimicrobial agent in the paint to be its most effective at preventing microbial growth on the tool. Do not use any solvents or alcohol-based cleaners as they could harm the tool’s coating and rubber insert.

Is LINC dishwasher safe?
No. We do not recommend putting LINC in the dishwasher. The chemicals in dishwasher detergent and the extra heat may damage LINC’s rubber insert and adhesive.

Should I keep using my LINC once the COVID-19 pandemic is over?
Yes! LINC is a no touch multi-tool designed in response to COVID-19, but it isn’t just for use during the pandemic. Microbes are always going to be around, so you can continue using your LINC for extra protection from these germs, including the flu virus. LINC is also great for people with disabilities or those with conditions like arthritis.

Can I recycle my LINC?
LINC is highly durable and designed to last, so you should not have to throw it out. If you do, most local recycling programs accept aluminum. That said, the rubber insert is rubber, so it will wear down over time, just like a car tire does.

Does LINC have a warranty?
We guarantee the body of the aluminum LINC against breaking, for the life of the tool, if it is used as intended. The rubber insert is guaranteed for six months, as it will wear down over time, just as a car tire does.

How long will it take to receive my LINC?
Our suppliers and manufacturing partners are located across Ontario, Canada and are operating at almost normal capacity. Delivery may be slower than normal, however, due to shipping delays across North America due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Please allow at least two weeks for your order to be processed.