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As COVID-19 took hold of the world in early 2020, Ottawa-based inventor Troy Crosby became concerned with the spread of germs in shared spaces. Equipped with his knowledge of industrial design and experience creating hi-tech custom parts, he set out to build a tool that would help people reduce surface contact and minimize general virus transmission.

To start, Crosby saw other tools on the market that could push buttons, pull levers and activate touchscreens but none that could open doors with round doorknobs. Solving this issue was his first challenge. In April 2020, Crosby completed a working prototype and LINC was born.

Crosby wanted to make sure that materials he used to make LINC would also be part of the solution. So he made LINC with anodized aluminum and a non-toxic coating to keep contaminants at bay. The tool also features a latex-free grippy rubber that can open any type of door while protecting the doorknob finish. LINC is now ready for you.


Kickstarter campaign
LINC launched a Kickstarter campaign in September 2020. It raised more than $40,000, an amount 967% beyond the funding goal. LINCs were successfully shipped to the campaign backers, and many gave glowing reviews about the quality of the product. 

Meet the inventor
Troy Crosby is the Operations Manager at Excel Precision Machining in Ottawa, Canada. An expert machinist for more than 20 years, he has extensive experience developing custom parts for customers in the aerospace, aviation, military and medical industries. He is also the founder of CroMill Solutions, LINC’s parent company.

Inventor Troy Crosby holding LINC


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