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Your contact-free LINC to the outside world

Minimize direct interaction in public places & shared spaces


An easy to use multi-purpose hand tool designed to reduce germ transfer as you encounter commonly touched areas.

Turn doorknobs, press buttons, touch screens, navigate public transit, and more – all without exposing your hands to surface contact.

It’s your contact-free LINC to the outside world!

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There are other tools on the market, but none can accomplish everything LINC can.


LINC helps open all kinds of doors – including those with round doorknobs, push and pull doors, lever handles, push panels, and deadbolts. 

No other device on the market is designed to open round doorknobs - except LINC! 


The aluminum body of the LINC has been anodized to give
it it’s vibrant colour. To protect its colourful surface, this article has been coated with paint which contains an antimicrobial preservative to make the coating resistant to deterioration from microbial growth including mold and mildew

LINC’s grippy rubber will be made from latex-free EPDM
(ethylene propylene diene monomer). This long-lasting
rubber compound is super durable and is commonly used
in the roofing industry. The EPDM formula will have
additional additives Thiazole and Dithiocarbamate, which
have antimicrobial properties.

The LINC also comes with a retractable lanyard. Although this tool easily fits in your pocket, we suggest
carrying on your side, your purse or your backpack for maximum effectiveness.


The LINC aluminum body is conductive which means it works with a variety of different touchscreens like ATM’s, photocopiers, shared tablets and more! There is a flat stylus tip to help with this task, but some people find the back of the tool works equally well!


The LINC is available in a variety of colours so make sure to grab your favorite colour. Currently we will
be offering Black, Red, Blue, Purple, Green, Pink and Gold.


Looking to get more than 20 LINCS for your employees, special events or for your own marketing? We do offer bulk pricing for quantities over 20 pieces. We also have an option for custom engraving in these packages too should you want to add your own logo as well. Please send any inquiries to about your bulk prices.

Meet the Inventor


Troy Crosby

LINC inventor, Troy Crosby, is the Operations Manager at Excel Precision Machining in Ottawa, Canada and has been an expert machinist for over 20 years. He is also a teacher at Algonquin College, a dad and step-dad, a fiancé, and enjoys spending time with Kiwi, his peach-faced love bird and his brand new puppy!

Connect with Troy on LinkedIn:
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