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For everyone and everywhere

Why LINC works

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“It feels sturdy in my hand and does not give or bend even while pulling hard on a door or lifting heavy loads. I am very impressed with LINC and will have it clipped to my belt with a retractable cord when at work or out in public.”

– Michael Knight, GeekDad

“The lightweight creation is opening the door to an opportunity for Ottawa machinist Troy Crosby to help others stay safe during a pandemic.”

– CTV News Ottawa

“Wow. This LINC exceeded my expectations. It has more weight to it than it looks, it actually works on my smartphone, and I was all too excited to use it on a rounded door handle. This little thing is like the Cadillac of no-touch door openers.”

– Cindy Z, Kickstarter

“Super love! I finally have a tool to safely open those seven doors between me and outside world!”

– Amy Wong, Kickstarter

“I'm in an apartment building, so just having something handy like the LINC to press elevator buttons and opening common doors makes a big difference. Thanks!”

– Richard Dixon, Kickstarter

Built-in antimicrobial protection

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Kickstarter backers love LINC

LINC raised 967% beyond its funding goal on Kickstarter. Read the story of LINC’s early success.

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